Sikorsky S-76

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Up to 8 Passengers


Maximum Performance Range


Maximum Travel Range

Sikorsky S-76 Helicopters
Now Available At Flexjet

With a well-earned 40-year reputation for reliability and performance, the Sikorsky S-76 showcases a powerful twin-engine drive and a sleek, upright body design that promotes ideal craft balance – allowing for the smoothest, calmest ride possible. Lavishly appointed interiors exude polished sophistication, featuring spacious seating complemented by breathtaking panoramic views. The Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 super-midsize helicopter is a spirited platform that effortlessly saves you time and provides exceptional ‘door-to-door’ convenience from departure to destination.


The Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 showcases a spacious, noise and vibration-cancelling, intuitively designed cabin within the LXi Cabin Collection™. You will be welcomed by an inviting interior of supple, sophisticated upholstery which Flexjet aircraft Owners have come to know and expect.


Flexjet has enhanced the experience of the Sikorsky S-76’s smooth ride and quiet cabin for our jet Owners. Seamless, serene, and above all else, smartly capable. You will receive an elevated flight experience, featuring finely choreographed details, sophisticated touchpoints, and exceptional service synonymous with all our aircraft.

Sikorsky S-76 Cabin

Sikorski Cabin Diagram EU Sikorsky Cabin


Make your arrival known in the perfect combination of grace and power. With record-setting aeronautic capabilities, dual-redundancy safety systems, and a robust twin-engine design, the Sikorsky S-76 is generously equipped to handle all mission duties with ease.



  • 2.5m ground-to-blade safety clearance for entrance
  • Inviting, accessible seating for up to 8 passengers
  • Maximised baggage capacity: 1.1m3 (cubic metres) (e.g., 4 standard golf bags + duffels)
  • Non-slip, easy, step-up boarding
  • Pilot access partition
  • 1.4m floor to ceiling for premium headroom
  • 0.7m legroom for reclining freedom
  • Custom LXi interiors and cabin configuration
  • Noise-reducing cabin panels
  • Cooled refreshment storage console
  • Flat floors for pet comfort and safety
Rotor System
Engine Reliability
Overall Length:
16m Tip to Tail
2.5m Ground-to-Blade Safety Clearance
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Sikorsky S-76 Specifications


Cabin Length

Cabin Height

Cabin Width

Baggage Capacity


Overall Length

Dual 4-Blade Rotors

Blade Safety Clearance

Cabin Door
1.3m x 0.9m


Cruising Speed


2 hrs 30 min

Cruising Altitude

Twin-Turbine Engine


Our UK-based helicopter operation is based out of the South East of the UK, for quick and convenient access to London and the surrounding airports, up to the south of Scotland or across to Northern France. Our helicopter division is comprised of a group of dedicated experts who have deep knowledge, passion, and experience in helicopter operations.

In addition to our UK helicopter operation, Flexjet offers helicopters in the following locations:

Northeast U.S. including the New York City area and its surrounds

Miami, Florida (limited seasonal operations)


Incomparable performance, comfort, and luxury come only second to providing the safest and most reliable experience possible. The wellbeing of all Flexjet Owners and travellers is our absolute priority. The Flexjet Sikorsky S-76 private helicopter features dual-redundancy safety measures on all critical lift elements as well as two certified pilots. At Flexjet, we will not fly until all dual safety measures and checklists have been completed and confirmed.


  • Two S76-certified, IFR qualified pilots
  • 4-blade rotor system for enhanced comfort and safety
  • Twin-turbine engine reliability
  • Dual autopilot systems
  • Honeywell four-tube EFIS and Collins Proline II avionics suite
  • Integrated Instrument Display System (IIDS)
  • Honeywell ground proximity warning system
  • Honeywell Primus weather radar
  • Dual comm/ nav radios
  • Automatic direction finder
    • Preflight risk assessment program – mission analysis
    • Hazard reporting system
    • Customised landing zone survey



The Sikorsky S-76Private Helicopter Now Available at Flexjet

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