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As the fractional home of the renowned Gulfstream G650, only Flexjet offers two innovative ways to utilize one of the sky’s most capable ultra-long-range aircraft. With a single fractional ownership or lease share, our new Unlimited Access program grants you unrestricted use of our entire jet fleet at aggressive interchange rates. Or, select World Access and forgo an hours-based agreement in favor of a unique days-based structure that lets you travel unlimited hours a day, 40 days per year.

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One Iconic Jet. Two Smart Ways to Fly.

With a pair of Access Programs granting you maximum flexibility and control, no other provider helps you realize more value from the Gulfstream G650.

Select Unlimited Access To:

  • Right-size your aircraft and maximize the efficiency of each trip
  • Realize significant cost savings on shorter, domestic flights
  • Fly friends, family members, and associates on any jet in our fleet
  • Enjoy trip-based incentives and aggressive fleet interchange rates
  • Choose between earning flight hours or direct account credits
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Select World Access To:

  • Make long-distance travel on the Gulfstream G650 as efficient as possible
  • Realize significant cost savings on longer, international flights
  • Upgrade from an hours-based program to one with all-inclusive daily rates
  • Experience rates that decrease the longer you fly on the Gulfstream G650
  • Earn trip-based incentives, including both round-trip and long-flight bonuses
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Fleet Interchange Program

While most would agree that the Gulfstream G650 is one of the most distinguished and adept private jets available today, not every Owner prefers to utilize such a highly capable aircraft for all missions. This is especially true for flights covering shorter distances or transporting colleagues and business associates.
In response, we have developed Unlimited Access, an all-new fractional ownership and lease program that not only presents you with the Gulfstream G650, but makes it easy to capitalize on aggressive interchange rates and earn flight hours or monetary account credits when you fly on any other member of our fleet.

Go Farther with World Access

Days-Based Program

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Stop paying the price for frequent long-distance flights. Designed for those who travel 100 or more hours annually, World Access grants you unlimited hours per day, 40 days per year, all with a single fractional share. The more you fly, the lower your operating costs. It truly is that simple.
With World Access, you can realize an uncapped number of bonus flight hours compared to a traditional fractional program. Plus, transport colleagues and family with simultaneous use of a super-midsize aircraft or smaller for one flat fee. An ideal supplemental lift solution, World Access even allows your aircraft to stay with you for the duration of your trip.

Pull Ahead in Your Pursuit

The Gulfstream G650

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Reach more far-off locations sooner while achieving as much as possible aboard the Gulfstream G650, pairing lightning-fast performance with high-speed amenities. Now, you can connect while you span the globe by harnessing the power of secure Ka-band satellite Wi-Fi.
Plus, the Gulfstream G650 is up to 20% more fuel-efficient than the Global 6000 when traveling at Mach 0.85*, treating you and your guests to more performance with less burn. All the while, cabin pressure holds steady at an incredible 3,290 feet with fresh air replenished every two minutes, helping to minimize the impact of jet lag so that you can arrive at your destination ready to win the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you wish to fly aboard the Gulfstream G650 with the added flexibility to reserve any aircraft in our current U.S. fleet and take advantage of extremely aggressive interchange rates. With Unlimited Access, you can match every mission with the perfect aircraft, making shorter, domestic trips more cost-effective while maintaining your ability to utilize the Gulfstream G650 for longer, international flights.

All aircraft currently within our U.S.-based fleet are eligible, including the Phenom 300 (light-cabin aircraft), Praetor 500 (midsize-cabin aircraft), Challenger 350 (super-midsize-cabin aircraft), and Gulfstream G450 (large-cabin aircraft).

Yes, Unlimited Access program participants may select to receive fleet interchange bonuses either in the form of additional flight hours or monetary credits applied to your account. Speak with a Flexjet Sales Advisor for more details.

Yes, if you wish to make flying aboard the Gulfstream G650 for frequent international trips as efficient as possible. With World Access, you can realize exceptional cost savings on global flights thanks to all-inclusive daily rates in lieu of a traditional hours-based program. The longer you fly, the lower your rate. Plus, you still maintain your ability to utilize the Gulfstream G650 for shorter, domestic flights should you so choose.

With a traditional hours-based program, a flight from White Plains, New York to Beijing, China on the Gulfstream G650 would utilize nearly double the number of flight hours allotted in your share agreement compared to the same trip as part of the World Access program.

Yes, World Access program participants may fly on any aircraft currently within our U.S.-based jet collection fleet at competitive all-inclusive interchange rates (these rates can and will differ from those available to Unlimited Access participants.)

As the exclusive fractional home of the Gulfstream G650, we know that the sky’s premier ultra-long-range aircraft deserves two innovative, industry-first flight programs that reflect the way you fly. Whether you want to make your regular international travel as cost-effective as possible or prefer to take advantage of aggressive interchange rates available across our fleet, Flexjet has the solution.

Both Access Programs include Red Label by Flexjet, presenting you with dedicated crews, custom interiors from our LXi Cabin Collection™, and more. We constantly take delivery of leading-edge aircraft with an eye on both sustainability and advanced urban mobility, and our highly awarded safety team is among the most accomplished in the industry.

Not guaranteed as a part of a traditional fractional jet program, interchange rates account for the differences in both operational and acquisition costs between two aircraft and are calculated by multiplying the number of hours flown by the interchange rate of the aircraft requested. With Unlimited Access, “downgrading” to an aircraft with lower operating expenses is 100% guaranteed and significant cost savings can be achieved.


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