Flexjet 25 Jet Card Program

Now enjoy more of our jet card program's best feature: Freedom. The Flexjet 25 jet card is a superior alternative to charter that delivers immediate access to a cutting-edge aircraft fleet, all without an upfront capital investment or long-term commitment.

About Flexjet Jet 25 Jet Card Program

The major components of the Flexjet 25 jet card program include:

  • Initial Deposit: Prepaid base hours multiplied by the hourly rate of the primary aircraft type plus a Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%.
  • Aircraft Flexibility: Choose from several aircraft types to accommodate your range and passenger needs.
  • Inclusive Pricing: From flight time to pilot's fees, everything is included in your flight-hour rate.
  • Superior Service: FlexJet 25 jet card travelers have access to highly trained and experienced pilots and cabin crews.
  • Short Call Out Time: As a Flexjet 25 jet cardholder, book a flight with as little as 5 days** advanced notice.
  • Fuel Component Adjustment: Added to the base hourly rate to account for monthly fluctuations in the cost of fuel.

Jet Card Program Aircraft

Phenom 300 Challenger 300

*Additional Charges may apply during high-volume travel days.
**Certain terms and conditions apply.

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Flexjet Programs Compared

Flexjet Programs Compared
Fractional Lease Jet Card
Estimated Annual Flight Hours 50+ 50+ 1-49
Purchase Increments 50-hour minimum
(25-hour increments)
50-hour minimum
(25-hour increments)
25-hour minimum
Contract Commitment Maximum term: 60 months - Minimum term: 30 months Maximum term: 60 months - Minimum term: 30 months Maximum term: 24 months - Minimum term: 25-hour deposit
Call Out Time 10-hours 10-hours 5-days

About Private Jet Cards

As a private travel company, Flexjet offers a wide range of private aircraft services including jet card programs. But is a jet card right for you? Here are some things to know about jet cards.

A jet card is suited for those who plan to travel 25 hours or less annually. For those who require greater flexibility and a better in-flight experience than what charter has to offer, a Flexjet 25 jet card allows you to enjoy reliable access to a world-class fleet of aircraft. What's more, your Flexjet 25 jet card includes aircraft operated by highly trained and experienced Flexjet pilots and cabin crews.

A jet card allows you to access a variety of aircraft types without any of the capital outlays associated with outright ownership, fractional ownership, or leasing. Jet cards can also be gifted to anyone you choose. In the end, jet cards are also a far less complex private travel solution: when you're nearing the end of your available hours, simply add more and continue flying.

Your Flexjet 25 jet card requires a deposit of 25 flight hours associated with a primary aircraft, plus a Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%. A monthly Fuel Component Adjustment is added to your base hourly rate to account for fluctuations in fuel cost. Additionally, you may add flight-hours as your travel needs dictate.

Fractional ownership offers the highest level of control and flexibility. With that comes additional capital considerations from both sides of the balance sheet.

A jet card entitles you to a minimum of 25 hours of flight access that you can use 365 days a year*. Flexjet 25 jet cardholders do not own any part of their primary aircraft and are therefore free of the usual capital risks associated with asset ownership and maintenance.

*Additional charges may apply during high-volume travel days.

Similar to fractional ownership, private aviation leasing affords a greater amount of control over what aircraft you have access to, how quickly you can book an itinerary, as well as capital and liability considerations. Leasing dramatically reduces your exposure to market demands and oftentimes increases safety, reliability, and availability thresholds while offering a less capital-intensive solution to outright ownership. However, owning or leasing part of an asset requires additional costs such as lease payments and monthly management fees.

As a Flexjet 25 jet cardholder, you do not own any part of your primary aircraft.