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Gulfstream G700


Up to 18 Passengers

Clock Icon 7500NM

Maximum Performance Range

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The Gulfstream G700 will soon become the largest aircraft produced by the manufacturer. As the tallest, widest, and longest cabin in the industry, the Gulfsteam G700 will displace the Bombardier Global 7500 in signifcant ways – placing it a generation behind.

The Gulfstream will house a four-zone cabin with space for work, leisure, or a world-class meal. Raising the bar on comfort, the Gulfstream G700 will circulate fresh air throughout the interior every two minutes and feature a true circadian lighting system that mimics sunrise and sunset, reducing jet lag while helping you acclimate across time zones. What’s more, Ka-band high-speed Wi-Fi lets you stay connected, even from 51,000 feet.

The Gulfstream G700 will join Flexjet’s already established fleet of Gulfstream products.


With an expansive floorplan that accommodates four separate zones for work, relaxation, dining, and more, your time spent aboard the Gulfstream G700 will surpass all of your previous notions regarding aircraft cabins. With a level of luxury more closely aligned with that of a penthouse suite, the G700 combines the ergonomics and connectivity of a world-class business center.

An unprecedented four-zone cabin layout comes complete with a separate master suite, ensuring that everyone onboard will have the space they need while en route to virtually any location on the globe.


Flexjet is proud to be the exclusive North American fleet customer of the Gulfstream G700.


One of the first non-military aircraft to feature active side-stick controls for a noticeably smoother flight.


The Gulfstream G700 will deliver more range at faster speeds than anything else in its class.


A four-zone cabin that will be the tallest, widest, and longest of any ultra-long-range aircraft.


A true circadian lighting system that mimics sunrise and sunset, reducing jet lag.


Faster connections thanks to Ka-band high-speed Wi-Fi.


Extra-large galley, master suite, and private entertaining space.

Baggage Volume 195 ft3
Cabin Length 56' 11"
Cabin Width
8' 2"
Cabin Height
6' 3"

Gulfstream G700 Cabin Amenities

Simply the best. No other phrase comes close to describing the menu of amenities that will serve you on your global travels with the Gulfstream G700.

aircraft amenities
  • Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • In-Flight Luggage Access
  • Internally Accessible Closet
  • 20 Panoramic Windows
  • Fully Berthable Seats
  • Integrated Cabin Management System
  • Master Suite
  • Private Entertainment Space
  • Six-Place Dining or Conference Table
technology amenities
  • Data Ports
  • Headsets
  • Power Outlets
  • Surround Sound
  • Video Monitors*
  • 42-Inch Flat-Screen TV
  • Ka-band High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Device Charging
red label amenities
  • Espresso Machine
  • Full Refreshment Center
  • Microwave and Warming Oven
  • Freezer and Refrigerator

* Available on select tail numbers


Beyond the obvious proportions of the Gulfstream G700, the details speak volumes as well. From the tastefully designed livery and the graceful curves of the winglets, to the 20 signature panoramic windows, the exterior of the new Gulfstream G700 is truly something to behold.

Overall Length: 109'10"
Wingspan: 103'"
Gulfstream G700 cutout

Gulfstream G700 Specifications


Cabin Length
56' 11"

Cabin Height
6' 3"

Cabin Width
8' 2"

Baggage Capacity
195 ft3


Overall Length
109' 10"

103' "


Cruising Altitude
51000 ft

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