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Phenom 300

Born to perform, the Phenom 300 offers the short-field capabilities to land at virtually any airport. Featuring more head and legroom than any other seven-passenger light jet, the Phenom 300 presents simple elegance, ample space, and exceptional comfort.

Cabin altitude is kept at an exceptionally low 2,012 metres. A generous 2.15 cubic metres of baggage capacity rivals many midsize jets and is just another reason why the Phenom 300 is one of the best-selling light aircraft in the world.

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Legacy 450

Flexjet is the only provider to offer the Legacy 450, the first aircraft in its class to replace traditional steering yokes with fly-by-wire technology, sponsoring a level of serenity never before experienced in a midsize jet.

Legacy 450 introduced stand-up height to the midsize segment and boasts one of the largest eight-passenger interiors in aviation, including two berthable seats and an exceptional 2,012-meter cabin altitude.

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Praetor 500

Developed using more than 35,000 hours of our own flight data, Flexjet is the only fractional provider to offer the Praetor 500. The addition of this game-changing aircraft to our fleet demonstrates our commitment to bringing you the newest jet portfolio.

The Praetor 500 represents the most advanced aircraft in the midsize segment thanks to class-leading range and cabin altitude. Fly-by-wire technology and a quiet stand-up cabin combine to deliver a remarkably smooth in-flight experience for up to eight passengers.

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Challenger 300

Among the world’s best-selling super-midsize aircraft, the legendary Challenger 300 pairs elite performance with exquisite comfort. Engineered for efficient coast-to-coast travel, this aircraft boasts an indulgent cabin featuring a flat floor and stand-up height.

Combining expansive interior dimensions with in-flight luggage access and intuitive technology, the Challenger 300 is a favourite among Fortune 500 companies and business travellers the world over.

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Challenger 350

One of the most sought-after business aircraft of the last decade, the Challenger 350 leads its class in total deliveries. This same following extends to the fractional space, where Challenger 350 has become synonymous with performance, versatility, comfort, and style.

The Challenger 350 is truly an aircraft for all occasions. Travel with up to eight associates and enjoy fully customisable seating. Stay productive while you fly, using side-ledge touch controls and high-definition monitors. Or, relax in one of several lie-flat seats.

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Gulfstream G450

With its classic Gulfstream silhouette and trademark elliptical windows, the G450 exudes an unmistakable presence. The G450 maintains an ultra-low cabin altitude throughout its multiple sections, helping to turn long-range journeys into short-term escapes.

Purpose-built for international travel, the G450 houses space for 16 passengers, boasts a range of nearly ten hours, and provides lie-flat seating for up to six. In essence, the G450 honours the Gulfstream tradition while pushing the boundaries of both performance and technology.

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Gulfstream G500

The successor to the acclaimed Gulfstream G450, the G500 offers even more space to work, relax, and recharge. Divided into three unique cabin sections, the G500 interior welcomes up to 13 passengers with anchored, pedestal-mounted conference tables, jet beds, and a wide divan.

The result of advances in sound suppression technology, the G500 cabin is virtually silent, even at 15,545 metres. A range of 9,630 kilometres puts international destinations well within reach. At the same time, high-speed connectivity has the power to make every journey a productive one.

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Gulfstream G650

The Gulfstream G650 can circumnavigate the globe with just one stop, for international travel without disruption. Passengers can fly up to 16 hours with an available double-augmented crew as they relish in the most spacious cabin in all of private aviation.

Four separate interior sections receive 100-per cent fresh oxygen every two minutes, while a remarkably low cabin altitude of just 975 meters helps occupants feel refreshed and alert upon arrival.

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